About 1855

On the occasion of the 1855 Paris Universal Exhibition, Napoleon III requested a selection be made of Bordeaux’s finest wines to be sent to Paris. The Bordeaux wine brokers selected 58 red wines and 21 white wines, divided into 5 levels of classification. Although the list was put together somewhat hastily and provides a snapshot of what were considered to be Bordeaux’s best wines in 1855, the classification remains in effect today. The 5 wines that were classified as “First Growths” in 1855 are still some of the most desired (and expensive) wines in the world today.

The world of wine has expanded substantially since 1855 and especially over the past 40 years the amount of choice available to consumers has boomed. Your local wine store now offers wines from virtually every continent, something which seemed unimaginable 40 years ago. Navigating this landscape can be confusing and disappointing, since not all wines are created equal and most importantly, not all of them will suit your unique tastes.

Through tasting wines side-by-side, learning more about what it is we’re tasting, enjoying a well-paired food and wine combination, allowing ourselves to be surprised by a wine we hadn’t tried before, and most importantly having fun with it, the world of wine can offer an awesome journey that’s worth exploring.

Who’s behind all this?

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