100 wines

Buying a bottle of wine you haven’t tried before can be a risky business. Its not like buying new shoes, which you can try on to see what they feel and look like before you buy them. You won’t know what a wine tastes like and if you’ll like it until you’ve paid for it, taken it home, and popped it open.

Too often it’s just easier  to stick to the same types of wine or even the same bottles. But then we run the risk of missing out on finding out about so many other great wines! To address this first-world problem, my goal is to post a wine pick each day over the course of 2015.

The wines were picked based on providing good value for money (though some are rather expensive, since certain regions or types of wines can be a bit pricy) and providing a good representation of their region or type. The order in which the wines are posted will be completely random.

A trip around the world in 100 winesThe wines will cover 100 different types of wine from across the world. To keep track of the ones you’ve tried, you can download an overview here.


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