Sherry: Fino, Oloroso, or Amontillado

Main grape varieties: Palomino

What to expect: Dry.

  • Fino: Almond, herbs, and doughy notes.
  • Oloroso: Toffee, leather, spice, and walnut notes.
  • Amontillado: Almond, leather, and walnut notes.

Pair with:

  • Fino: Lobster bisque, olives, tapas.
  • Olorosso: Grilled meats, game, stews.
  • Amontillado: Duck, oily fish.

Wine picks:

  • Lustau Fino Jarana Solera Reserva (~$20)
  • Lustau Oloroso Don Nuño Solera Reserva (~$23)
  • Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos Solera Reserva (~$21)
  • Alvear Capataz Fino (~$23)
  • Alvear Asuncion Oloroso (~$39)
  • Alvear Amontillado Carlos VII (~$41)
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